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Restoring Planetary Health for More Resilient Economies

Sima Akter Final Year BSS (Hon.) Economics Hamdard University of Bangladesh Email: suhanasima16@gmail.com Phone: 01611696660 Introduction: Human survival critically depends on the environment- almost all material consumptions and life-saving services....

Message From the Founder

Founder of Krishan Foundation Dr. Abed CHAUDHURY

Biochar – Unfolding New Chapters of Sustainable Energy

Biochar – Unfolding New Chapters of Sustainable Energy Written by: Tuba Yasmin, Md. Mahadi Hasan Biochar, a modern approach to carbon sequestration to enable negative carbon emissions...

Observing The Growth Of PV Rice

    Visit of the High Commissioner of Australia HE Jeremy Bruer and his colleague Kate Sangster to the Kanihati rice farm of Abed CHAUDHURY

Remembering Abdul Mannan Chaudhury | A Legendary Figure | Kanihati

Abdul MannanChaudhury was a brilliant man much ahead of his times. In the early days, he showed a restlessness of spirit and did not...

পরিবেশ বিপর্যয় ও জলবায়ু পরিবর্তন ও বাংলাদেশ

krishan foundation আধুনিকতার শীর্ষে চলে যাওয়ায় কিংবা প্রযুক্তির উৎকর্ষে পৌঁছে যাওয়ার পর উন্নত দেশে এখন সবাই হঠাৎ পৃথিবীকে স্নেহ করতে শুরু করেছে। তারা এখন ভাবছে...

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